A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In a grocery store,  you suddenly find  that there is a full moon out.  In the middle of a grocery store. Full of people.  You must control your urges to attack innocent people, and protect the grocers from enemy werewolves. 

Quickly, you grab the first object that you can find to throw at the wolves - apples

Use WASD to move around, T to shoot. 

(due to issues with conversion from windows to mac, if the tile grid on the ground doesn't line up with the background, hit 'o')


 Game design: Patrick Zhong  + Moss Misiaszek

Art+Animation: Kara Davis

Sound: from freesound.org

oof - by fotoshop

ow sound - by topschool

DogHowl_03 - by CGEffex

Game engine, graphics, and game mechanics were all designed from scratch during the 48 hours of Chillennium 2018.

Ps: for extra difficulty: try hitting the arrow keys

Install instructions

All files included in the Wolfing Around v1.1.Jar

Note: you must have Java installed in order to run this program


Wolfing Around v1.1.jar 19 MB

Development log


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Hello Team Soviet,

This is the leader of the Slinkman Games dev team, and we also participated in the Chillennium 2018 Game Jam. I noticed that you guys also opted to create your own game engine for the event.

The game download unfortunately does not work correctly, so can you please upload a version that runs correctly? I think it may be due to the fact that javaFX isn't packaged in with the .jar, and since it's not built-in it may not work for most. I am eager to try out your game, and encourage you to try out ours.

I just wanted to reach out to the other game creation scholars and congratulate you for creating a game the true way.

Matthew Davis on behalf of Slinkman Games